Deck of the Week #2: Tobimaro's Buff/Flood Deck!

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Hello and welcome back to a new Deck of the Week! This week, we take a closer look at Tobimaro's "Buff'd" deck, which aims to buff cards in your hand and deck, and then flood the board with them!

Tobimaro is a Marvel Snap streamer over on Twitch, and he also posts decks here on and uploads gameplay videos to YouTube!

If you missed last week's Deck of the Week, be sure to check it out here!

Before we jump in, there are a few things I would like to mention real quick. The first is that this deck contains quite a few Pool 3 cards, so there is a good chance that most of you reading this will not be able to build this exact decklist. I myself am missing 3 cards from this deck! However, I think it is important to make people aware of different deck styles and card combinations. So don't be disappointed if you see a decklist that you can't make! Take the time to learn about the deck so you can build it in the future, modify it to create something new, or play against it on the ladder.

Secondly, the recent balance patch affected 2 cards in the deck, Nova (92) and Okoye (94). From what I can tell the deck is definitely still playable, as this is the type of list that favors Nova after the changes, and Okoye is still a very solid card.

Alright, let's check out the list!



Starting Cards: None

Pool 1 Cards: Nova (92), Forge (45), Mister Sinister (82), Bishop (13) 

Pool 2 Cards: Okoye (94) , Nakia (89) 

Pool 3 Cards: Wasp (138), Mojo (83), Mysterio (87), Brood (20), Killmonger (69), Doctor Octopus (38)


The general plan behind this deck is to buff your cards in your hand and deck, and then fill the board with these buffed cards. You have quite a few cards that can provide buffs, including Okoye, Nakia, and Forge, as well as cards that can take advantage of those buffs by copying themselves, such as Brood, Mister Sinister, and Mysterio.

The deck also takes advantage of Mojo, which is an extremely powerful card in the right circumstances. Tobimaro's list runs Doctor Octopus, which is a great way to activate your Mojo.

On top of all of this, the deck runs a unique Nova package with Killmonger instead of Carnage (24) or Deathlok (34). Killmonger is much more flexible and not only lets you trigger your Nova from a different location but also can cause heavy damage to your opponent's board if they are running 1-cost cards.

Tobimaro mentions that this deck is great at outputting raw power at all 3 locations. With lots of cards that summon other cards, it is very easy to fill all 3 locations with buffed cards.

Card Breakdown

Nova (92) : Even after the nerf, Nova can still provide a ridiculous amount of power for his cost, especially in this deck, as you frequently have lots of cards to buff on board, and you also have Killmonger to trigger Nova from a different lane, letting you squeeze even more power out of the card.

Forge (45) : While weak on his own, Forge's On Reveal effect gives the next card you play +2 power. While ordinarily this effect is underwhelming, in this deck, there are many cards that can take this buff and multiply it, letting you get much more power out of Forge.

Mister Sinister (82): 2 energy for 4 power is not bad, but because Mister Sinister copies himself, he also effectively doubles any buffs played on him. That is perfect for this deck.

Bishop (13): When you are playing lots of cheap cards, Bishop can easily get to high power levels, providing a big threat that only takes up one board slot, which is important for this deck.

Okoye (94): Okoye is a fantastic card in this deck. She provides buffs to cards in your deck, making them stronger and also providing more value for their effect triggers. While she no longer gives the +2 power after the patch, she can still easily provide 6+ power for your cards, which is extremely powerful. As a 1-cost, you can also remove her later on with Killmonger to create board space, which is great as this deck often fills up locations quickly.

Nakia (89): Nakia is the most powerful buff card in this deck. Providing a +2 buff to your entire hand can easily swing games in your favor, especially when cards like Mister Sinister can duplicate that buff.

Wasp (138): Wasp is an interesting choice in this deck. At first glance, Wasp seems like a bad card. 0-cost and only 1 power? However, that 0-cost makes her extremely flexible. You can wait and play her on the last turn or on a Nova turn, so she can easily gain power. She also dodges Killmonger's effect and can sneak into locations like Crimson Cosmos (150) and Hellfire Club (158).

Mojo (83): Mojo is a great card for this list. You almost always have full locations, and Mojo makes it dangerous for your opponent to do the same. Mojo also works very well with Doctor Octopus.

Mysterio (87): Mysterio is another good card that works well with your buffs. His Illusions also receive buffs, so a +2 buff from Nakia turns into +6 added total power. He also creates 3 bodies that can all receive buffs from Nova.

Brood (20): Brood is very similar to Mysterio, in that he provides 3 bodies, but they all go to the same location. He's a great card for surprising your opponent with a lot of power on turn 6.

Killmonger (69): Killmonger is a very flexible card. He is great for triggering your Nova regardless of positioning, and can singlehandedly win games if your opponent has played some 1-cost cards.

Doctor Octopus (38): Doc Ock is the biggest card in the deck. He is great for disrupting your opponent's plans, and pairs very well with Mojo to fill up your opponent's side of the board.


Like last week's deck, this deck is very happy to see locations that want you to have more cards at a location, such as Muir Island (171) and Xandar (198). Mojoworld (169) is also very good for this deck, especially if you can put Mojo into it to gain the extra 6 power from the card's Ongoing ability.

Washington D.C. (283) is a fantastic location for this deck as cards like Mysterio, Brood, and Mister Sinister can get extra power here.

Decks that reduce your board space like Sanctum Sanctorum (180) and The Space Throne (190) are very challenging to deal with, although you can try and win Space Throne with Doctor Octopus.

Crimson Cosmos (150) is almost always a loss for this deck, as you don't have a good way to 

Decks with negative effects like Klyntar (280) and Negative Zone (173) are challenging for this 

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for the deck, with some input from Tobimaro!

Positioning is very important in this deck. It is easy to clog up locations early and not have room to play your important cards. Spread out your cards across the locations and don't lock down your locations too early.

Killmonger is very powerful. You can save him to play later to steal wins from your opponent or play him to trigger your Nova. You are able to destroy your Nova from any location because of how Killmonger's effect works. Tobimaro mentions that you do need to be careful with Killmonger, as the destroy triggers can mess up your Mojo's effect.

Mysterio's copies count as being "played", so Bishop will get +3 Power from playing Mysterio.

Tobimaro says that Doctor Octopus is a great way to counter Devil Dinosaur (36), as you pull cards out of the opponent's hand, so their Dinosaur loses power. It is important to check and make sure your opponent has cards in hand if you are trying to trigger Mojo's effect. Alternatively, Doc Ock can be a vanilla 5/10 if your opponent has an empty hand, which is pretty solid.


Thank you all for reading! I hope you enjoyed the article! Big thanks to Tobimaro for letting me share this deck with you guys! You can follow Tobimaro here: Profile:


YouTube video about the deck:

If you have a deck that you think should be featured in this series, shoot me a link to a Twitch stream or a YouTube video of you playing the deck on Discord @ Cqrbon#0001! I will be keeping my eye out in the Discord server and on Twitch for some spicy new decklists to bring to you all! See you next week!

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