February 21st Patch Update is Live!

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Image Source: Official Twitter Account of MARVEL SNAP

Marvel SNAP just finishes its February 21st update and it is filled with more fun stuff and new things to explore! However, you need to update your game client in order to implement this patch.


In this update, the second series drop happened. Making some cards from Series 5 dropped to Series 4 while also dropping some Series 4 cards to Series 3. There are also some general changes to the game such as a new confirmation dialog when purchasing Season Pass levels and some cards being balanced.


See more details here:

The words below are stated directly from the official patch notes

Series Drop

Image Source: Official Twitter Account of MARVEL SNAP

Series 5 to 4

  • Silver Surfer

  • Knull

  • Darkhawk

  • Sentry

Series 4 to 3

  • Agent Coulson

  • Maria Hill

  • Helicarrier

Series 5 and Series 4 now have shared rotation protection in the Token Shop.

Art & Visual Effects

  • Made Onslaught VFX faster (especially for Bar Sinister).

  • Added additional VFX to the location affected by Klaw’s ability.

  • Added a notification for when you try and discard while your hand is empty.

  • Added animation for Rickety Bridge location.

  • Mysterio’s Illusions will now use your Mysterio’s variant.

Balance Updates

Card Updates

  • Darkhawk: 4/1 -> 4/0

  • Thanos: 6/8 -> 6/11

  • Sandman: 4/1 -> 5/5

  • Spider-Woman: 5/7 -> 5/8

  • Namor: 4/5 -> 4/6

  • Dagger: 2/1 -> 2/2

  • Text-Only Update to Yondu: Destroy the top card of your opponent’s deck.

  • Text-Only Update: As an ongoing effort to improve card and location text, we’ve adjusted everything that currently says “When you play a card” to say “After you play a card” instead. We hope this makes it clearer that these abilities trigger once a card has been fully played, including its On Reveal effects. None of these are functional changes.

    • Angela

    • Bishop

    • Iron Fist

    • Lockjaw

    • Titania

Location Updates

  • Sakaar: After this turn, put a card from each player’s hand here.

  • Text-Only Update: As noted in Card Updates, the following locations are being revised to use “After” instead of “When” for triggers related to playing a card. None of these are functional changes.

    • Altar of Death

    • Bar Sinister

    • Cloning Vats

    • Danger Room

    • Death’s Domain

    • Lechuguilla

    • Luke’s Bar

    • Machineworld

    • Orchis Forge

    • Quantum Tunnel

    • Shuri’s Lab

    • Sinister London

    • Vibranium Mines

    • Vormir

  • Adjusted the cost of Klyntar’s Symbiote from 1 to 4.

Bug Fixes

  • Absorbing Man’s effect can now be doubled by effects like Wong, Kamar Taj, and Odin.

  • The carousel should no longer get stuck mid-rotation on PC.

  • Moved the position of the Pro Bundle to the bottom of the shop.

  • Fast-forward VFX should properly show when Onslaught is played on Bar Sinister.

  • Altar of Death now gives energy if Green Goblin or Hobgoblin are played and destroyed on the opponent’s side.

  • Losing internet connection on the Friendly Battle Matchmaking now gives a connection error message instead of remaining on the Matchmaking screen.

  • Fixed a soft lock if both players were constantly idle in Friendly Battles.

  • And many more!

For more detailed info about the February 21st patch update, you can check the official patch detail here:


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