November 29th Patch Update is Live!

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Marvel SNAP finally finishes its November 29th update and it is filled with more fun stuff and new things to explore! 


A new feature, Collector’s Token, has been added so you can earn them starting at Collection Level 500, then use them in the Token Shop to target new cards or the card you’ve been waiting for most. There are also a bunch of new cards have been added to the game! The team introduced two brand new series: Series 4 including 10 cards; and Series 5 including 6 new cards. The new cards have a chance to drop from Collector’s Caches, Collector’s Reserves, and can also be found in the Token Shop.


There are also some general changes to the game such as the replacement of Card Booster for Collector's Token, the improvement of bad luck protection, and adding the “Sign in with Apple” on PC. Art and Visual effects are also getting improvement such as the improvement of the Infinity Border visual. There are also some card updates, bug fixes, and new audio for a card and some locations have been added.


Here are the details for today's patch:


  • Card Boosters no longer appear as rewards from Collector’s Caches and Collector’s Reserves. (They have been replaced by Collector’s Tokens!)
  • Improved bad luck protection for Collector’s Caches and Collector’s Reserves. Going forward, players at the same Collection Level will have nearly the same number of cards.
  • When you “Favorite” a Card Variant (by pressing the Star button above the card), you now have the option to automatically swap that variant into all decks that contain that card.
  • During a game, players can now tap their opponent’s avatar or their own avatar to view player titles in the pop-up avatar menu.
  • The End Turn button is disabled for a few seconds when your opponent Snaps - this should make it harder to accidentally accept a Snap.
  • Performance improvements for app launch/loading times.
  • Added support for “Sign in with Apple” on PC.


New Card Sounds for:

  • Magik

New Location Sounds for:

  • Ego
  • Central Park
  • Project Pegasus
  • The Raft
  • Death's Domain


 Angela [2/1] -> [2/0]

  • Angela is a card that sees a lot of prevalence across many decks, so we’re nerfing her a bit to make other options more appealing.

Destroyer [6/16] -> [6/15]

  • Destroyer is making big waves. Lowering his power by 1 will give opponents more of a chance to win the Location he’s played to.

Mysterio [2/5] -> [2/4]

  • Mysterio has more Power than other 2-Cost cards because of how many “slots” he takes up at other Locations. However, in many cases, those extra 2/0 Illusions end up being quite beneficial, so we’re lowering his base Power by 1.

Sera [5/5] -> [5/4]

  • Sera is slightly too good right now, so we’re shaving a bit of Power off.

Onslaught’s ability now stacks additively with effects like Mystique or Onslaught's Citadel rather than exponentially.

  • When you start stacking Onslaught’s doubling effect, things get out of hand very quickly! We want to avoid situations where players are waiting for cards like Ironheart to play their animations for long stretches of time, so we’re changing the stacking to be additive instead of exponential.

Nick Fury has been added to Series 3.


  • Fixed French VO mix
  • Improved translation for many languages
  • Fixed art issues on many cards
  • Improved messaging when you try and log in to an older build on a different device
  • Fixed a soft lock that occurred if you had not previously set a name and then the season rolled.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some players to get stuck in the recruit season after the season rolled.
  • Fixed an issue where the client could crash after switching languages.
  • Cards drawn by White Queen no longer show out of place in your hand.
  • And many more!

For more detailed info, you can check here:


What do you guys think of this patch? Will it be more challenging and make the game smoother? Comment down below to share your thoughts!


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