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  • Noel (1 week ago): If I can suggest a small change. Arim Zola instead of America Chavez for even more Deadpool domination.
  • ArchiRace (2 weeks ago): the same is happend to me, if sunspot, armor or cosmo dont start in the beggining of the game is a little dificult to win or even try to win, beacause the hand is filled with big cards, my only recomendation is put she hulk in turn 4, then magik in t5 and look if is possible to win, if not, just escape for ur life ajajaj.
  • Iamjohnlocke (2 weeks ago): I've played 30 ish games with this deck. I really like the concept. Only problem I'm having is sun or armor not being on starter deck after first 3 turns 
  • Iamjohnlocke (2 weeks ago): Perfect! Thanks!
  • ArchiRace (2 weeks ago): Just change Attuma for Maximus , Rescue , Storm , Titania , Lizard , Angela , Nightcrawler basically any midgame card (3 or 4 of cost with power) or just any card that u enjoy. 
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