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  • Rush (20 hours ago): Waiting that late in a game to play, you would have no cards to draw, check out my more consistent modok deck "Jet Collector Modok".
  • Rush (20 hours ago): I don't wanna sound like a hater, but I could dismantle this deck by turn 5 with my Modok deck "Jet Collector Modok". Check it out its very consistent.
  • Master (1 day ago): Bronze to Diamond in 3 days with a Zoo deck? Click bait title...
  • Chavero81 (2 days ago): Thanks for your comment!  Usually its a Patriot + Blue Marvel + Mystique.   I will give it a shot.  Thanks!
  • Monkeyboyben (2 days ago): Cant you just enchantress patriot and a potential mystique at last round. Nice deck going to give it a go!
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  • Destroy sub theme (2 days ago): Can a sub theme for decks that focus on the destroy mechanic please be added? It's clearly a distinct idea from discards (where I normally see them put) especially once you're into pool 3
  • Gambit works well?! (2 days ago): Hi. Today i play againts an opponent who has a decent combo, but i just wonder how?! He played first Wong in central area, then Magick on the right, after that Onslaught middle, Mystic middl
  • Feedback (6 days ago): I've been playing for a bit over a month now. Overall, the game is fun. However, I don't see myself playing for very long and here's a few reasons why. -Unfun areas: when some of these areas
  • Website improvements (1 week ago): Dear All, May I suggest to: make a connection between the decks available and the collection of heroes in each personal accounts or else a tick box of which heroes you have in the filter sec
  • Matchmaking, balance, progression (1 week ago): Matchmaking - Consistently be matched against CL 3000+ as a CL <1000 is fucking bullshit. PERIOD. Should never happen. Progression - Pretty much zero access to the cards you actually want
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