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  • Palter (1 second ago): This deck is crazy. Still trying to find some substitute with pool 3 cards instead of scorpion (i dont really like it) for another 2 card drop. Btw this deck is really solid.
  • GAMMA (2 days ago): Rhino is probably used to destroy fisk tower and any location that restricts the movement of cards
  • Leconet (2 days ago): WHY RHINO?
  • RootBeer (3 days ago): What do you use Sword Master for? I can't figure out when you'd want to play him.  And Deathlok--is he there to play on an empty location to make it look like your destroy plans are falling apart?
  • CriMs0nC0bra (4 days ago): I'm curious why you suggest America Chavez over Heimdall ? The only benefit I see is knowing that it won't sit in your hand before turn 6, but Heimdall synergizes with both Multiple Man and Kraven very well if the zone placement is done right.  
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  • Shang-Chi and Killmonger need a Nerf and/or Rework. (5 hours ago): tl:dr - easy access destruction cards go against what makes Marvel Snap an enjoyable game and need more obvious drawbacks I think what sets marvel snap apart from a lot of other card games i
  • Collection (1 day ago): Second this. Having a simple option to add all pool 1, 2, 3 cards and, as OP suggested season 1, season 2, ... to your collection without manually going through them all would be a great addition t
  • problem copying a deck of cards (1 week ago): Same issue for me on iOS. I've made sure to only try a deck which contains cards I have. If I copy a deck code from the app and paste it into the deck builder (after stripping out the comments) it
  • Was I too harsh? (1 week ago): i'm with you on how slow unlocking cards are, however i think their is a valid counter point that it's not necessarily a bad thing to have to work to unlock cards. my question is you brought up how
  • Can someone inlight me ? (1 week ago): I have been playing since yesterday and there I have some questions which I can't figure it out.1- First of all what is the usage purpose of "SNAP" button on top of the
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