Marvel Snap Location Cards

Location Cards are a key card type in Marvel Snap. Each match has 3 random locations assisnged to it that have various effects.

Many Character Cards can interact with Locations in different ways. You cannot add Location Cards to your deck.

Altar of Death
Altar of DeathWhen you play a card here, destroy it to get +2 Energy next turn.
AsgardAfter turn 4, whoever is winning here draws 2 cards.
Asteroid M
Asteroid MAfter you play a 3 or 4-Cost card, move it here.
AtlantisIf you only have one card here, it has +5 Power.
AttilanAfter turn 3, shuffle your hand into your deck. Draw 3 cards.
Aunt May's
Aunt May'sThe first card you play here gets +3 Power and moves
Avengers Compound
Avengers CompoundOn turn 5, all cards must be played here.
Baxter Building
Baxter BuildingWhoever is winning this location gets +3 Power at the others.
Camp Lehigh
Camp LehighAdd a random 3-Cost card to each player’s hand.
Central Park
Central ParkAdd a Squirrel to each location.
Cloning Vats
Cloning VatsWhen you play a card here, add a copy to your hand.
Crimson Cosmos
Crimson CosmosCards that cost 1, 2, or 3 can't be played here.
Daily Bugle
Daily BugleGet a copy of a card in your opponent's hand.
Danger Room
Danger RoomCards played here have a 25% chance to be destroyed.
Dark Dimension
Dark DimensionCards here are not revealed until the game ends.
Deep Space
Deep SpaceCard text is disabled here.
District X
District XReplace both decks with 10 random cards.
Dream Dimension
Dream DimensionOn turn 5, cards cost 1 more.
EgoEgo takes over and plays your cards for you.
ElysiumCards cost 1 less.
Eternity Range
Eternity RangeAfter turn 3, add a Rock to the losing player’s side.
Fisk Tower
Fisk TowerWhen a card moves here, afflict it with -4 Power.
Fogwell's Gym
Fogwell's GymBoth players get double Boosters this game.
Gamma Lab
Gamma LabAfter turn 3, transform all cards here into the Hulk
Grand Central
Grand CentralAfter turn 5, put a card from each player's hand here.
Great Web
Great WebAfter each turn, move one card to the Web for a random player.
HalaAfter turn 4, destroy all cards controlled by the player losing here.
Hell's Kitchen
Hell's KitchenDraw a 1-Cost card from your deck
Hellfire Club
Hellfire ClubCards that cost 1 can't be played here.
K'un-LunWhen a card moves here, give it +2 Power.
Kamar-TajOn Reveal effects happen twice at this location.
KlyntarAfter turn 4, merge your cards here into a Symbiote.
KnowhereOn Reveal effects do not happen at this location.
KrakoaOn turn 5, takes over and plays both players’ cards for them.
KylnYou can't play cards here after turn 4.
Lake Hellas
Lake Hellas1-Cost cards here have + Power.
Lamentis-1Draw 3 cards. Destroy both decks
LechuguillaWhen you play a card here, shuffle 3 rocks into your deck.
LemuriaNo cards are revealed this turn.
LimboThere is a turn 7 this game.
Los Diablos Base
Los Diablos BaseAt the end of turn 3, ruin a random location.
Luke's Bar
Luke's BarWhen you play a card here, return it to your hand.
Machine World
Machine WorldWhen you play a card here, add a copy to the opponent's hand.
MilanoTurn 5 is the only turn cards can be played here
MindscapeAt the start of turn 6, swap hands.
Miniaturized Lab
Miniaturized LabOn turns 3, 4, and 5, no cards can be added here.
Mirror Dimension
Mirror DimensionOn turn 4, transform into one of the other locations.
MojoworldWhoever has more cards here gets +100 Power.
Monster Island
Monster IslandAdd a 9-Power Monster here for each player.
Monster Metropolis
Monster MetropolisThe cards with the highest power here get +3 Power.
Mount Vesuvius
Mount VesuviusPlayers can’t retreat after turn 5.
Muir Island
Muir IslandAfter each turn, give cards here +1 Power.
MurderworldAfter turn 3, destroy all cards here.
NecroshaCards here have -2 Power.
Negative Zone
Negative ZoneCards here have -3 Power.
New York
New YorkOn turn 6, you can move cards to this location.
Nova Roma
Nova RomaDraw a card.
OlympiaDraw 2 cards.
Onslaught's Citadel
Onslaught's CitadelOngoing effects here are doubled.
Oscorp Tower
Oscorp TowerAfter turn 3, all cards here swap sides
Pet Mansion
Pet MansionThis turn, all cards must be played here.
Plunder Castle
Plunder CastleOnly cards that cost 6 can be played here
Project Pegasus
Project Pegasus+5 Energy this turn.
Quantum Realm
Quantum RealmAfter you play a card here, set its base Power to 2.
Quantum Tunnel
Quantum TunnelAfter you play a card here, swap it with a card in your deck.
Rickety Bridge
Rickety BridgeAfter each turn, if there is more than one card here, destroy them.
RuinsA wasteland of destruction.
SakaarAfter this turn, put a card from each player’s hand here.
Sanctum Sanctorum
Sanctum SanctorumCards can't be played here.
Savage Land
Savage LandAdd two Raptors on each side of this location.
ShadowlandAdd a Ninja to each side with -2 Power.
Shuri's Lab
Shuri's LabWhen you play a card here, double its Power.
Sinister London
Sinister LondonWhen you play a card here, add a copy to another location.
SokoviaDiscard a card from each player's hand.
Stark Tower
Stark TowerAfter turn 5, give all cards here +2 Power.
Strange Academy
Strange AcademyAt the end of turn 5, move all cards here to other random locations.
SubterraneaShuffle 4 rocks into each deck.
The Bar With No Name
The Bar With No NameWhoever has the least Power here wins.
The Big House
The Big HouseCards that cost 4, 5 or 6 can't be played here.
The Hub
The HubAdd a random card to each player's hand.
The Ice Box
The Ice BoxGive a card in each player’s hand +1 Cost.
The Peak
The PeakEach card in your hand swaps its Power and Cost.
The Raft
The RaftWhoever fills this location first draws a 6-Cost card. It costs 0.
The Sacred Timeline
The Sacred TimelineFirst to fill this gets a copy of their opening hand.
The Sandbar
The SandbarCards with abilities can’t be played here.
The Space Throne
The Space ThroneOnly one card can be here for each player.
The Superflow
The SuperflowIf you have no cards here, +1 energy each turn.
The Triskelion
The TriskelionFill each player's hand with random cards
The Vault
The VaultOn turn 6, cards can’t be played here.
Time Theater
Time TheaterCopy the last card you drew instead of drawing your next card.
Tinkerer's Workshop
Tinkerer's Workshop+1 Energy this turn.
Titan6-Cost cards cost 1 less.
TransiaSwap the positions of each location.
Valley Of The Hand
Valley Of The HandAfter turn 5, your destroyed cards revive here.
Vibranium Mines
Vibranium MinesWhen you play a card here, shuffle 3 Vibranium into your deck.
VormirThe first card you play here is destroyed.
WakandaCards here can't be destroyed.
Wakandan Embassy
Wakandan EmbassyGive +2 Power to cards in players' hands.
Warrior Falls
Warrior FallsAfter each turn, cards here FIGHT! Destroy the weakest one(s).
Washington D.C.
Washington D.C.Cards here with no abilities have +3 Power.
WeirdworldBoth players draw from their opponent's decks.
WestviewTurns into a new location on turn 4.
White Hot Room
White Hot RoomFirst to fill this gets +3 Max Energy.
WorldshipDestroy the other locations.
X-MansionAfter turn 3, add a random card here for each player.
XandarCards here have +1 Power.
Yashida Base
Yashida BaseAt the end of the game, destroy the last card to get here.