MARVEL SNAP Android Closed Beta Officially Begins!

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MARVEL SNAP is officially starting its Closed Beta phase where it’s only available on Android. The Closed Beta phase will be available to people in a specific region. You can try to apply for it on their website where there will be a ‘SIGN UP HERE’ link. 

The link will take you to an online survey where you will be screened first. This will not make you automatically participate in the Closed Beta phase. Once the SNAP Team decided that you are eligible, you will be contacted through email.

So far, there is no exact date on the official release date and when the Closed Beta phase will end.

Here is some extra information regarding the MARVEL SNAP Closed Beta phase:

  • Platform: Android only

  • Eligible Countries/Regions: United States, Canada, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand

  • Test Type: All user progress during the Android closed beta Test WILL NOT be deleted

For more information, you can check here:

MARVEL SNAP - Start a Quick and Exciting Card Duel


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