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Giving UP on Marvel Snap By Kingsver - 1 day ago 92Hello I have been playing for a couple of months and still do not have 1/2 of the teir 3 cards.  I got to 58 last week and was really liking the game.  But now I am about to quit a1 day ago1
Days of future past event season pass issue By Tabesis - 1 week ago 226I have bought into the last 4 events, go to purchase this event and it's giving me transaction cannot be completed error, is anyone else having this same issue?1 week ago1
Lets talk about Agatha By Ignacio - 2 months ago 487Check out this Agatha Marvel Snap trailer for all the Agatha lovers out there :D week ago3
Get infinity NOW ! By WillN7 - 2 weeks ago 335 weeks ago1
Completing series By Gib01 - 2 months ago 612Can you send me the series to my JT WA app..?3 weeks ago3
Introduce Yourself By Genesis - 10 months ago 2434Hello everybody!   i am jumpy2k6. my username exists still 2006. my past experiences with cardgames are: Hands of the Gods (discontinued), MtG (Paper and Online), H3 weeks ago22
Game annoyances By CrusaderRO - 1 month ago 18118Is it similar to the Chikii game..?3 weeks ago2
DD vs DD? By Wolverine77 - 1 month ago 381To play the game now, you have to download it from here...1 month ago2
Card moves by itself. Any explanation? By Djpajtaajto - 1 month ago 437 1 month ago1
Get out, Toxics... By toxic_reporter - 1 month ago 375Be aware of "Saulliert" player and the Marvel Snap Battle Arena,  was in a tournament now, i said to him before start i must change deck, because was not the tournament one (decks where submit1 month ago1