Modokalypse - Deck Build by @Ketronome using Tacter

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OPGhostiee 3 weeks ago

Wanted to share an interesting build created by ketronome using Tacter's guide building platform. I hope this helps some of you and if you try it and it works, please feel free to comment and let know how it went for you!




T1: Sunspot / Pass.

T2: Morbius OR Colleen Wing (discarding Swarm or Wolverine).

T3: Lady Sif (discarding Apocalypse) OR Nakia (ideally buffing Swarm, MODOK or Apocalypse. OR Morbius + Sunspot.

T4: Dracula OR Morbius + Colleen Wing.


T6: America Chavez + all 0-cost Swarms, ensuring Dracula discards Apocalypse.