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Collection By Mars0103 - 2 weeks ago 186Second this. Having a simple option to add all pool 1, 2, 3 cards and, as OP suggested season 1, season 2, ... to your collection without manually going through them all would be a great addition t1 day ago2
problem copying a deck of cards By Kiciua - 1 week ago 117Same issue for me on iOS. I've made sure to only try a deck which contains cards I have. If I copy a deck code from the app and paste it into the deck builder (after stripping out the comments) it 1 week ago2
Card Updates By Zesty - 3 months ago 495Also the variant of Hawkeye is missing! Where can I find a "submit a new variant" option?2 weeks ago4
New Devil Dinosaur Variant? By RogueeLeader - 2 weeks ago 127Hi. I think I may have a Devil Dinosaur variant that is not shown anywhere on the website. I checked the All Variants tab as well as Devil Dinos card page. Heres a Screenshot. Hope it help2 weeks ago1
Baron Mordo incorrect variant art By Ale10ander - 3 weeks ago 170The variant art for Baron Mordo includes which is an image of Black Bolt. <img src=" weeks ago1
Idea By LastOne - 3 weeks ago 135Do you know what would be a great addition to the site? A way to open a deck by using a get parameter with the ingame deck code, like weeks ago1
Card Pools By Bozmo - 1 month ago 218It looks like some things have changed with the pools maybe. I got sandman as my first pool 2 card. I'm at 224 collection level. IGN lists sandman and killmonger as pool 2 so I'm guessing they used4 weeks ago2
Possibly Add Card Pools To Search By Sypno - 4 weeks ago 189For example, only show deck builds containing certain pools.4 weeks ago1
Question about card images By AmericanSyrup - 1 month ago 159Is there any way you might have a folder for the images for all the cards and variants? I want to do a project and I found your website and it would be so helpful to not have to manually download e1 month ago1
Public API? By Shackles - 6 months ago 3103Bumpty-Bump, please. 1 month ago7