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OPjpl7340 1 year ago

I've been playing for a bit over a month now. Overall, the game is fun. However, I don't see myself playing for very long and here's a few reasons why.

-Unfun areas: when some of these areas pop up, depending on the deck I'm playing, I just automatically concede. They're that unfun. Usually areas that don't allow me to play my cards in a specific location. I thought the idea was to play cards? Why would you actively prevent me from doing so? I get that "move" and token creation are viable game mechanics, but it's really only viable in specific decks. What if I don't want to play that deck at that moment? Guess I'll just do something else? I would prefer to see areas that give players extra energy, or draw cards, or give a universal buff or debuff. Actively stopping me from playing my deck the way I want to is just unfun and I would rather do something else. 

-featured areas: seeing the same area over and over for an extended period of time makes for an awful play experience in my opinion. Please do away with this completely.

-varients in caches: having to fight against rng twice per cashe leads to some pretty knarly feel bads. Eliminating varients of cards I already own from cashes would go a long way to remedying that.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading. 

senilo 8 months ago

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rosydam 7 months ago

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