Feels like the Simpsons Homer clone episode in this :)

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OPDoom PhD 1 year ago

I have no doubt that this has been done better but I got a laugh out of picturing a pile of Homer clones stumbling around after a giant donut. Oh and btw, first time poster and new to the community.

carrich 11 months ago

Make the black and white outline on a piece of paper and place it in a plastic sheet protector tunnel rush

offertongue 11 months ago

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Henny Smath 11 months ago

This set of posters is new and the design is more attractive in the fnf community.

fitzroysteak 10 months ago

Use the exceptional power of pinpoint precision to your advantage. only up

jannickz 10 months ago

I'm glad you got a laugh out of it! I can definitely picture that too, it would be pretty funny. A pile of Homer clones, all with their mouths hanging open, stumbling around after a giant donut. It would be like a scene out of a cartoon. SSEGold

noblekeon 10 months ago

I hope you found it humorous. I can really image that happening, and it would be hilarious. A horde of gaping Homer duplicates wandering around chasing a huge donut. The situation would resemble something from a cartoon. wordle today

merry 7 months ago

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