is jt whatsapp providing zoom video call?

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OPsalu 3 weeks ago

can i use multiple person video call feature of jtwhatsapp on my mobile as alternative of zoom? any one using. i heard Developers have added many new features to the app, such as JT widgets, enhanced security options, and an improved backup tool. 

adamusa 3 weeks ago

The zoom video call feature is not a default feature of the WhatsApp app. WhatsApp is mainly focused on regular text chat, voice calls, slither io and video calls. 

gemmalyly 3 weeks ago

Zoom, on the other hand, is a separate video conferencing platform that specializes in hosting virtual meetings, webinars, connections and video conferences. While it is possible to share Zoom meeting links or IDs through WhatsApp chat to facilitate connections unlimited video calls, the actual Zoom video call functionality is not built into the WhatsApp app.


Florence Pugh 2 weeks ago

This app is new to me, but I've heard that it offers features like multiple-person video calls, JT widgets, enhanced security build now gg options, and an improved backup tool, which could potentially serve as an alternative to Zoom for mobile users.

Sara 2 weeks ago

Zoom, on the other hand, is a separate video conferencing platform known for its features designed specifically for virtual meetings, webinars, and collaboration. If you wanted to use Zoom for video meetings or webinars, you would typically need to download the Zoom app or use the Zoom web platform separately from JTWhatsApp.

Floraa 2 weeks ago

JT WhatsApp app has it's own in-built calling system.

Katrin 6 days ago

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refuseunsightly 3 days ago

It is not possible to receive a call through WhatsApp while in a Zoom call slope unblocked

Miker34 13 hours ago

WhatsApp and Zoom are independent connections game platforms that do not have the potential to integrate in this manner.