Was I too harsh?

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OPinhumandoughnut 1 week ago

Hey guys! So I wrote this review right here and I think I gave up on the game too early.

Even though that's the case and I'm definitely re-downloading it, do you think my criticisms of the game are valid? My main gripe with the game is that unlocking card by card is too slow and often times it feels like you've built a deck that isn't complete because you get archetype cards without the entire archetype.

Much like how the discard cards trickled in bit by bit! Is that valid?

shinigami6458 1 week ago

i'm with you on how slow unlocking cards are, however i think their is a valid counter point that it's not necessarily a bad thing to have to work to unlock cards. my question is you brought up how the game is RNG as a negative, isnt the point of card games is the RNG? but all in all i'd say just put more time into the game and see if you feel the same.