Lets talk about Agatha

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OPIgnacio 10 months ago

First of all, I am absolutely in love with Agatha, so lets start there while I go into the issues. I will make this as simple and to the point as i can as to not wall o text.

Firstly, Shes sexy. Love it

2. Anyone, even a monkey would know how to spend all of their energy. No shes not always strategizing. She makes so many mistakes just with energy (I'm not even complaining about her not being programmed to know what the floors are, that i accept as a random choice most likely or what she has chosen to build on) However, no she needs clear help here.

3. I don't know what it is about turn 5, but she has the most issue here. Clear superior options that are 5 and no way near any other choice, but after probably 50+ games with her using multiple 5 cost cards (more outside when i gave up on 5s) shes never used a 5 once.

4. let her end the turn, shes the one playing the game. I cant do anything to add to the turn without it just ending. 

5. With these issues, i can usually pick good enough floor dailies to consistantly get gold with Agatha. Please tell me how far you have gotten.

6. Add more in comments and i'll try to add to the list.

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Henri... 10 months ago

Same as with the EGO location, i just realy hate it, when you can see what would be the smart next move, and the game just playes the most stupid option...........if only the agatha and ego play would be smart, then it would be interesting..... 

Dakendo 8 months ago

Check out this Agatha Marvel Snap trailer for all the Agatha lovers out there :D


Death Caster 7 months ago

She is among the worst cards literally bad coz of AI doing bad plays and Shang Chi exists. She needs buffs to be playable even 

inspectorzigzag 3 months ago

I'm relieved this topic is being discussed at all. You'd think that Wanda's ability to contain the genuine darkhold and Chthon's degree of power, which is a cancer to Eternity, would be taxing on her health. I had no idea that it would end the way it did. Agatha is one the backrooms!

tracyberge 3 months ago

I just realy hate it.  

Donkey Kong

justplaynsleep 1 week ago

Honestly, I love and hate Agatha. She is such a great character but you have to look for these physical signs someone is manifesting you into their life.

Clara 1 week ago

I just realy hate it, too.




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